What Are Sharks

Sharks are the top of the food chain in the ocean that we know today. Some people are fascinated by these majestic animals, and some are horrified by these meat-eaters. This blog will tell you more about these creatures.

Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks are one of the most feared but endangered species of shark. The hammerhead shark gets its name from the shape of his head which is shaped like a hammer. His eyes are attached to either side of his head, allowing him to see through a wider vision. His extraodinary sensors at the tip of his head also allows him to seek out prey hiding underground.

Shortfin Mako Sharks

Shortfin Makos are not common to see these days because of our actions, and this is a pity. Especially because shortfin makos are extremely fast, and helped us develope new things that reduce water resistance.

Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks are not usually a fierce species, but since they have been in the world for so long, they have come to a point to where they started attacking humans. Only about 10-20 shark attacks in a year, in which about only 2 people die from. Not so many people know about tiger sharks and their deadly potential, which makes scientists and others who do know about them fear them more.

Blue Sharks

Blue sharks are curious and open-ocean predators, that live in waters from the tropics to the cold. They spend most of their lives far from teh coast which results in no shark attacks. They are truly a pelagic species. Their name comes from the mesmerizing blue color of skin which is unique among sharks.


Porbeagles have a unique name, and unlike other sharks, these predators rely on wit and other creatures rather than relying on their physical abilities. An incident occured few years ago. Fishermen would always come out to catch fish at the same spot, and when the Porbeagles found out that there was a fish feast whenever a boat came out to that same spot, it was chaos. The Porbeagles would attack the ships, or snatch the fish from the fishermen's hooks.